Doc Ellis D

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This one was inspired by the only person in major League baseball to throw a no hitter while trippin on acid. Doc Ellis was that man. This amazing video tells the true story best.

Here’s our take.

Day off, Droppin in my room
Go a head and drop you got nothing to do

Day Lost, Sucka you pitch at noon
Lost another day in my special room

Bitch what? I’m as high as the moon
You’re not that high more like a balloon

Hot Pot, My destiny looms
Is this real life or just a cartoon?

Gold Pouch, Got my bitch in the stands
Always front row she’s the man with the plan

She got the greenies, and I’m afraid of the fans
Fear something different its the chicken man

Big Balls, or just my smallish hands
We’ve confirmed its your smallish hands

Got a NoNo? Don’t jinx it my man
God damn rookie got his head in the sand

Close it out, Made the play of the day
except for the one you dove out of the way

Throw a NoNo, no hits just Ks
Doc Ellis D only hit of the day

Doc Ellis D only hit of the day
Doc Ellis D only hit of the day

Pistol Whipped (Oh Yeah!)

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Oh Yeah!

We brought Wild Willie out for some vocals on this gem. When the going gets tough, the tough go fishing…at least after they escape some gambling debts, impounded vehicles, mobsters from Krakow, naked olympians, wannabe chinese takeout samaurais, our favorite “two girls”, a famous cup, and bi-curious McDonalds employees. You know…your run-of-the-mill fishing day…but with expensive lures. OH NO…..OH YEAH!!


Pistil Whipped
Got a double-barrel grip
Gotta hit a triple twenty
‘Cause I owe the barman money
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…

City Pound
They got my baby locked down
Gotta float some dough
So I can make it to the show
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…

Expensive lures
And cheap-ass whores
Got my waders in the water
Can my waiter bring me water?
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…


Ty Cobb
Polish Mob
Hair pipe
“I’m on Skype!”
Golf Cart
Black arts
Luge dude

Cleft lip
Tap tap with my tip
Salisbury steak
Goin’ fishing at the lake
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…

Like Chet Li
Without the black belt degree
Has a brother named Wong
With the menu spelled wrong
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…

Two girls
One cup
Got my Jimmies in McFlurry
And I’m all fucked up
Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…




Foglizard: Opus Lacerta

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“Under the mist of the moon…..”

Well…it took a while, but the Foglizard opus is finally posted. We wrote and recorded it in late 2005 and finished it up in 2006 at the downtown joint. Beast worked out the orchestral arrangement for the top. D Lux was then employed to record the vocals at his lair in Mass and our friend Greg D provided the vincent-price-on-ludes vocal tag to bridge the two. The usual crew is on backgrounds. The lizard has arrived….and he’s got a sawed-off fu manchu. Lock up your wives and sisters.

I love it when...

It’ll Fit (Don’t worry ’bout it)

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Swayze Mount

Sometimes you just need a little reassurance. We banged this one out in about 3 hours flat…all you need is an open mind, willpower, and a high quality lube. And of course a little help from Dalton.

Hey! Don’t worry about it….


Verse 1:
revin up the astroglide
meet u on the south side
I’m a lonely deadbolt
lookin 4 a lug nut

Don’t Worry It’ll fit
It might hurt a little bit

Verse 2:
suction cup reflex
servin up some texmex
broken down roadhouse
did the hustle did the mouse

Don’t Worry It’ll fit
It might hurt a little bit
–do the mouse

Gtr solo:

Don’t Worry It’ll fit
It might hurt a little bit
–do the mouse


don’t worry

They Control Thee

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Sexy Robot
Another one of Kevin’s lyrical and vocal masterpieces about an old man that builds a giant sexy robot that goes apeshit. But she knows how to dance. We call this one our Big Star tune.

Suzy From the West

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Get Rich Bitch!

Wow, the recording of this track goes back to the early days of Foglizard when we cranked it up in the small room, went straight to CD-R, and peed out the back door in our own wing of the Pearl Studios complex. We finally got around to throwing some vocals on it 4 years later.

Kevin brought this one home with some killer fuzzed-out vocals and even managed to get the Dragon Lady and John’s Mom into the mix…

C’mon Suzy…gimme some release…

Whitesnake ‘86 (Canadian Nightmare)

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Foglizard - Whitesnake ‘86 from Beast on Vimeo.

This one started as a reminiscent 80’s metal idea that obviously went way the other direction. (or did it?)

At first we were talkin Jaguars and splits on the hood, but of coarse we quickly centered ourselves back in to our usual rant. This one’s all about the 80’s rock with out the colon clench.

Dig. right to the top!


Where there’s smoke there’s fire
Drum tech for hire
Dave says I’m a crier
Can you make my seat higher

On the Ass Dragon Tour
behind the green door
passed out on the floor
gonna grease the back door

Great White is burnin’ down in rural PA
Gay ass Groupie with a cheap ass toupee
got a fever in my pocket
I’m meetin Tubbs and Crockett today

Cold cock
Block rock
Ice skate
Date rape
Jag Waur
I’m sore
Dollar store Darryl’s bangin Photomat Carol

ooh, ooh, aah
ooh, ooh, aah
ooh, ooh, aah
ooh, ooh, aah

sashay, sashay
sashay, sashay
sashay, sashay
sashay, sashay

Good Turf

BBJ went down to Arkansas and came back with this slammin rif in open D.

The original ideas was to sing about a drummer that was going to tailgate at a Judas Priest concert with a giant banner that says “Scott Travis Sucks”. During the show Rob Halford sees the banner and calls him up to prove it. So he puts on his RacerX mask and goes up to rock. He nailed the tune and K.K. says “boy, you got the job”. So he pulls off his mask and says “sorry guys, I have to go on tour with TOTO”.
The drummer was Simon Phillips.

Maybe we’ll add lyrics eventually.

Foglizard - Good Turf from Beast on Vimeo.

Von Douche - HCWDB Video

Night of the Living Deaf - Jersey City - Halloween Night

Night of the Living Deaf
Halloween Night Bash - Fri Oct 31st -$10 - free beer* - Pearl Studios Showcase Theatre - 5 min walk form Journal square - across from the JC court house - 21 Cook St, jersey city

Hello all,
Some of you might not all be local enough to check this one out but I figure you should know about it anyways.

We’re breaking in a new place (Pearl Showcase Theatre) with some earsplitting bands on Halloween Night.

Loud Rock, Costumes, Projections and even a real Smoke Machine that we borrowed from the guys in Foglizard.

Do you have a camera on your phone? USE IT! - We will be doing an online documentary of the whole night and we want footage from everone there.

Here’s the Monsterous Line Up:

@10 - Subway Surfers - punkin it up!

@11 - Eighteen Wheels Burning - an all Motorhead set!

@12 - Barti Ddu - Zombie Pirates shred your face! (from Wales)

free beer*
So come out and support another shot at kick startin a music scene in JC.
Please foreward

Do it!
for more info and links go here
map it here - Pearl Showcase Theatre

*we will have a bunch of beer but bring your own if you want somethin special. - its a showcase joint not a bar.


3 Foot Snake - Video

Quantum of Solace - 007 Bond Theme

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BondSo we got the idea to respond to this:

Ben Jones’ Blog (Virgin Radio)

Write and record your own Bond theme!!!

So after everyone from Duffy, to Amy Winehouse, to Muse, and Grace Jones was ‘rumoured’ to be doing the Bond theme for Quantum of Solace, it has now been confirmed as a 007 first, a duet! Jack White and Alicia Keyes! I’m rather disapppointed. Don’t get me wrong, the film looks amazing, I’ve attached the trailer to this blog. But the song……hmmmm, it’s just not exciting me like it should!

So if you are in a band, or a solo artist, how about you write, record, and send me ASAP your alternate Quantum of Solace theme song. I very much doubt that Jack and Alicia will be able to get QOS into the song, what the hell rhymes with that! So bonus points if you do.

Let me have your best work and I could be playing them on air on the show, and if yours is better than the actual Bond theme we’ll play yours come the October 31st release!!

Check back soon for the video and a rework of the Quantum of Solace trailer.

Space Chimps vs. Jiggernaught

If it’s monkeys you’re looking for (drunk ones in space to be exact), we’ve got it covered. While we didn’t invent the idea of a drunk monkey in space (the Ruskies beat us to that one), we like to think we’ve done a lot for the genre. “Stuff Yer Monkey” and the flagship monkey anthem “Jiggernaught” are simian favorites around here.So when the Hollywood big wigs decided to get in the game, we had to fight back. Here’s our version of the trailer for Space Chimps with a Foglizard twist……of the balls.

Von Douche (HCwDB)

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Prom Douche Twind orangeWe were going to do a tune to celebrate Bastille day and insult the french, but we got as far a the word “douche” and went another route.

This one is all about the HCWDB dudes. (without the HC)


I am a TV
Are you watching Me?
I am a disease
Catch me if you please

I’m in the Booth
Dry sack vermouth

Sportin’ Gold Chains

Drive an IROC
Stuffin’ the sock

Splashin’ cologne
Like Moses Malone

I am a machine
Can you keep me clean?
I make the Murmur scene
Where I drop lots of green

Gellin’ it high
Soy milk and chai

Tribal tattoo
Hot Shots: Part Deux

Greico’s our man!

Pucker my lips
Ponch was on CHiPs

Yes he was!
Are you gellin’?…I’m gellin’.

Chaos out…..~Douchebag~

Make My Dave

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GW with GunWe’re bringin you some local J.C. news this week.  There’s a lot of chatter goin on about an incident between a gun store owner and a Chapelle show comedian.  Check out the JC list thread thats been hot for weeks here.


david, don’t listen to all these ignorant people. they are mostly fools and homosexuals anyway. god knows you are right and so does jesus and the holy ghost too. jesus died on the cross so that we could have the right to bare arms.

Dbl parked, In My Way
Go Ahead, Make My Day

Not Too Shy To Talk
Not Too Shy To Talk

One Badd Apple
IQ of a Hydrant
John’s mom @Jordans
Sleeve Job Defendant

 i have a gun and so does my wife. if those black comedians called you a white boy then they are racists and it is your god given right to shoot at them until they move their car.

Sellin BBs and CO2
Gotta Post from Cat Man Dude

Not Too Shy To Talk
Not Too Shy To Talk

Gunboy Generation
Partial Penatration
You’re Parking in My Spot Son
I’ll drown you in the Hudson

jesus said to bad samaritan who was blocking the road with his donkey and cart “moveth thine ass for i must get to work, i have preaching to do down by the river and i’m running late. and don’t calleth me white boy or i’ll smite your ass with a bolt of lightning, you don’t know who you’re effin with”. Gun boy.

Shut yer mouth Little Fella
You Mosquito, Me Citrinella

Not Too Shy To Talk
Not Too Shy To Talk

Gun shop Allegations
Jury Delegations
Gun shop Allegations
Jury Delegations


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