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Whitesnake ‘86 (Canadian Nightmare)

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Foglizard - Whitesnake ‘86 from Beast on Vimeo.

This one started as a reminiscent 80’s metal idea that obviously went way the other direction. (or did it?)

At first we were talkin Jaguars and splits on the hood, but of coarse we quickly centered ourselves back in to our usual rant. This one’s all about […]

Good Turf

BBJ went down to Arkansas and came back with this slammin rif in open D.

The original ideas was to sing about a drummer that was going to tailgate at a Judas Priest concert with a giant banner that says “Scott Travis Sucks”. During the show Rob Halford sees the banner and calls him up to […]

Von Douche - HCWDB Video

Night of the Living Deaf - Jersey City - Halloween Night

Night of the Living Deaf
Halloween Night Bash - Fri Oct 31st -$10 - free beer* - Pearl Studios Showcase Theatre - 5 min walk form Journal square - across from the JC court house - 21 Cook St, jersey city
Hello all,
Some of you might not all be local enough to check this one out but […]

3 Foot Snake - Video

Quantum of Solace - 007 Bond Theme

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So we got the idea to respond to this:
Ben Jones’ Blog (Virgin Radio)
Write and record your own Bond theme!!!
So after everyone from Duffy, to Amy Winehouse, to Muse, and Grace Jones was ‘rumoured’ to be doing the Bond theme for Quantum of Solace, it has now been confirmed as a 007 first, a duet! […]

Space Chimps vs. Jiggernaught

If it’s monkeys you’re looking for (drunk ones in space to be exact), we’ve got it covered. While we didn’t invent the idea of a drunk monkey in space (the Ruskies beat us to that one), we like to think we’ve done a lot for the genre. “Stuff Yer Monkey” and the flagship monkey anthem […]

Von Douche (HCwDB)

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We were going to do a tune to celebrate Bastille day and insult the french, but we got as far a the word “douche” and went another route.
This one is all about the HCWDB dudes. (without the HC)
I am a TV
Are you watching Me?
I am a disease
Catch me if you please
I’m in the Booth
Dry sack […]

Make My Dave

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We’re bringin you some local J.C. news this week.  There’s a lot of chatter goin on about an incident between a gun store owner and a Chapelle show comedian.  Check out the JC list thread thats been hot for weeks here.
david, don’t listen to all these ignorant people. they are mostly fools and homosexuals anyway. […]

Beanie Babies

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This one is about those crazy teenagers from Mass that decided to make a pact and all get prego for the junior prom. Read about it here.
High School
Its Blue
High 5
Seattle Slew
Cheap Trick
Name it Rick
Top Deck
Ben Affleck
Bum Molester
Peer Pressure
Minor Nester
Day Care
People Stare
High Chair
I Don’t Care

Verse out:
–>Yes No Maybe
–>Kids got Scavies

repeat and rinse

Garden Trowel Gordon

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Garden Trowel Gordon is the guys that wrote the piano part on the coda of Layla. He was also the drummer. He went nuts and killed his mother with a garden trowel and died in prison. Rolling Stone Story here
Rock and Roll!

Changing the Locks

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This one’s about a crack head that’s gonna steal all your stuff. You better change the locks or you may have to kill him.
Verse 1:
I Gotta change the locks
Cuz Jimmy’s hittin the rocks
He’s from the school of hard knocks
I think he stole my socks
Choro 1:
Crackhead, crowbar
Dentin up my car
Nick Nat Crack is […]

3 Foot Snake

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This ones about a guy we know that’s into cleansing teas and salt water. Link
Whatever, It make for a good tune.
Rogan –King
It’s a 3 Foot Snake
Got the tail I can’t shake
Hit the power brake
Go get tha Rake
It’s a salt detox
Gonna fill up the box
Gotta lay off the rocks
Doin droids with the […]

Castle Count

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This one could be a surf instrumental but we’ll probably get around to putting some awful singing on it.   Bring the Noise! I like spaghetti.

Red TV (with vocals)

icon for podpress  Red TV [4:54m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

We started off with the idea of writing a tune to poke fun at John Mayer. But soon moved on to Communism and free speech instead. Did you hear that they have access to cell phones in Cuba? John Mayer must be psyched.

“Red TV”
Better red than dead
You’ll do what I said
Signal tower
That’s […]