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Von Douche (HCwDB)

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We were going to do a tune to celebrate Bastille day and insult the french, but we got as far a the word “douche” and went another route.
This one is all about the HCWDB dudes. (without the HC)
I am a TV
Are you watching Me?
I am a disease
Catch me if you please
I’m in the Booth
Dry sack […]

Make My Dave

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We’re bringin you some local J.C. news this week.  There’s a lot of chatter goin on about an incident between a gun store owner and a Chapelle show comedian.  Check out the JC list thread thats been hot for weeks here.
david, don’t listen to all these ignorant people. they are mostly fools and homosexuals anyway. […]

Beanie Babies

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This one is about those crazy teenagers from Mass that decided to make a pact and all get prego for the junior prom. Read about it here.
High School
Its Blue
High 5
Seattle Slew
Cheap Trick
Name it Rick
Top Deck
Ben Affleck
Bum Molester
Peer Pressure
Minor Nester
Day Care
People Stare
High Chair
I Don’t Care

Verse out:
–>Yes No Maybe
–>Kids got Scavies

repeat and rinse

Home Invasion

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 I think this ones is self explanatory. If you’ve read this, you can follow me.

Stuff Yer Monkey (with my dirty brisket)

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This one started out as a very satisfying brisket and gravy lunch that Q ate. Also in the news at the time those lacrosse dudes just got busted with that stripper. We figured they were guilty and their rich daddies would bail them out. I guess we were wrong. Go Luke […]