Foglizard: Opus Lacerta

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“Under the mist of the moon…..”
Well…it took a while, but the Foglizard opus is finally posted. We wrote and recorded it in late 2005 and finished it up in 2006 at the downtown joint. Beast worked out the orchestral arrangement for the top. D Lux was then employed to record the vocals at his lair […]

It’ll Fit (Don’t worry ’bout it)

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Sometimes you just need a little reassurance. We banged this one out in about 3 hours flat…all you need is an open mind, willpower, and a high quality lube. And of course a little help from Dalton.
Hey! Don’t worry about it….
Verse 1:
revin up the astroglide
meet u on the south side
I’m a lonely deadbolt
lookin 4 a […]

They Control Thee

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Another one of Kevin’s lyrical and vocal masterpieces about an old man that builds a giant sexy robot that goes apeshit. But she knows how to dance. We call this one our Big Star tune.

Suzy From the West

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Wow, the recording of this track goes back to the early days of Foglizard when we cranked it up in the small room, went straight to CD-R, and peed out the back door in our own wing of the Pearl Studios complex. We finally got around to throwing some vocals on it 4 years later.

Kevin […]

Make My Dave

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We’re bringin you some local J.C. news this week.  There’s a lot of chatter goin on about an incident between a gun store owner and a Chapelle show comedian.  Check out the JC list thread thats been hot for weeks here.
david, don’t listen to all these ignorant people. they are mostly fools and homosexuals anyway. […]