Whitesnake ‘86 (Canadian Nightmare)

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Foglizard - Whitesnake ‘86 from Beast on Vimeo.

This one started as a reminiscent 80’s metal idea that obviously went way the other direction. (or did it?)

At first we were talkin Jaguars and splits on the hood, but of coarse we quickly centered ourselves back in to our usual rant. This one’s all about […]

Von Douche - HCWDB Video

3 Foot Snake - Video

Von Douche (HCwDB)

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We were going to do a tune to celebrate Bastille day and insult the french, but we got as far a the word “douche” and went another route.
This one is all about the HCWDB dudes. (without the HC)
I am a TV
Are you watching Me?
I am a disease
Catch me if you please
I’m in the Booth
Dry sack […]

Garden Trowel Gordon

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Garden Trowel Gordon is the guys that wrote the piano part on the coda of Layla. He was also the drummer. He went nuts and killed his mother with a garden trowel and died in prison. Rolling Stone Story here
Rock and Roll!

3 Foot Snake

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This ones about a guy we know that’s into cleansing teas and salt water. Link
Whatever, It make for a good tune.
Rogan –King
It’s a 3 Foot Snake
Got the tail I can’t shake
Hit the power brake
Go get tha Rake
It’s a salt detox
Gonna fill up the box
Gotta lay off the rocks
Doin droids with the […]

The Steamer

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This one goes back to 2006. I figure post em all for archiving.
The steamer came out of the idea that some people like to get crapped on but don’t want the shit to actually touch them. Idea! - use Saran Wrap. It worked for Mr. C.
Go Chachi!
this should help
“The Steamer “
Tea Party
Tea […]